Equipment Procurement Services

Oleochem Project Management combine their in-depth oilfield technical expertise with their strong and well developed supply chain to offer a complete value added analytical procurement service.

From individual pieces of analytical equipment to complete laboratory equipment packages including chemicals, consumables and spare parts, we can provide for your specific laboratory equipment needs.

Our extensive and proven track record which include regular repeat orders for clients demonstrates our ability to provide valuable up to date technical advice whilst maintaining our very attractive pricing structure.

Chemicals and Consumables

Chemicals and consumables are an ongoing requirement of any laboratory and we understand that in our industry requirements change fast. Oleochem Project Management maintain a stock of oilfield laboratory equipment which can be dispatched without delay from our Aberdeen warehouse facility.

We also specialise in the stock control management of field laboratories whereby the laboratory focal point and our supply chain co-ordinator work together to ensure the facility never runs short of routine chemicals and consumables.


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