Our History


New Website Goes Live

After a period of hard work and determination, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website! For further details, please see the related news article.

Oleochem Welcomes Rebekka McLaughlin

Oleochem welcomes our newest team member, Rebekka McLaughlin to the Aberdeen office, as our Office Co-ordinator.


Exploration & Production Industry Recovering

The recovery following the industry downturn has now started to gain traction, leading to Oleochem receiving more requests. Oleochem awarded first laboratory design and engineering project since the downturn. Further details on the project can be found in our Case Studies.


Resignation of Director (Heather Kerr)

Oleochem Project Management Ltd accepts resignation from Operations Director – Heather Kerr.

Moving UK Office

Following the industry down-turn, Oleochem decided to make the move from our unit, at the Robert Leonard Centre in Dyce. The new office on Regent Quay in Aberdeen city centre, allows Oleochem to streamline overheads and focus on the continued running of the business.


First Delivery To Iraq

Oleochem Project Management Ltd completes 1st project for one of the largest oilfields in Iraq.


Resignation of Director (Christopher Marsden)

Oleochem Project Management Ltd accepts resignation from Managing Director. After over 20 successful years, directing associated Oleochem ventures, Christopher Marsden retires for a well deserved break. All staff at Oleochem are grateful to have worked for Chris over this time and wish him the best of luck in his retirement.

Appointment of Directors (Heather Kerr & Alasdair Macsporran)

Oleochem Project Management Ltd welcolmes Heather Kerr as Operations Director & Alasdair Macsporran as Technical Director.


Entry To Gulf of Mexico

Oleochem Project Management Ltd awarded first complete laboratory package, for ultra deep-water oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Largest Project To Date

Oleochem Project Management Ltd awarded two complete laboratory packages for Brazil. The packages included design and engineering of two A60 laboratory modules, and the provision of all required laboratory equipment, labwear, consumables and small chemicals. Further details on the project can be found in our Case Studies.

Growing Chemist Portfolio

Oleochem Project Management Ltd completes TUPE of offshore chemists, from Guernsey based firm.


Moving Premises

January 2012 saw Oleochem relocate our Aberdeen headquarters, to the Robert Leonard Centre in Dyce. The move, to allow for expansion, allowed Oleochem to have an onsite warehouse and to streamline its processes.


Oleochem Enters Brazillian Waters

Oleochem Project Management Ltd entered Brazilian waters for the first time, after being awarded a contract for an offshore laboratory, as part of the Lula Nordeste development.


100th Project Proposal

December 2009 saw Oleochem receive its 100th invitation to tender for a project. The request was for a large equipment package, destined for a floating production facility, located in the UKCS.

Appointment of Director (Christopher Marsden)

Oleochem welcomed the return of Christopher Marsden, founder of Oleochem, as Managing Director.


Growing UKCS Contracts

Oleochem Project Management Ltd took over offshore contracts in the UKCS, from Oleochem Scotland Limited. The main purpose of these contracts, were the provision of offshore chemists, equipment, consumables and small chemicals.


Increasing Global Reach - Opening of Australian Office

On 03rd March 2006, Oleochem Project Management Ltd was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), as a Foreign Company (Overseas).


First Project Award

Oleochem Project Management Ltd was awarded its first project. The order consisted of laboratory furniture, equipment, consumables & commissioning for a Nigerian refinery.


Registration of Oleochem Project Management Ltd

On 23rd November 2004, at Companies House in Edinburgh, Oleochem Project Management Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company, under the Companies Act 1985.