Laboratory Design

A modular laboratory solution is a common answer to offshore facility requirements. A60 (or H60) modules are suited to all installation types including FPSO, FLNG & TLP. The successful laboratory is a small, but complex package of which the design is a key point. All our laboratory modules are carefully designed, from the ground up to meet current standards utilising our vast experience. The design process incorporates various chemists and engineers, to ensure the best outcome possible; allowing us to exceed our client’s expectations without additional cost.


Although each module is unique in its own right; most confirm to a strict design standard and require certification prior to beginning their offshore life. Oleochem are not tied to a fixed standard, but are flexible to build whatever your requirements are, including certification by DNV, Lloyds, ABS, USCG & NORSOK.


Onshore locations are often less restricted by standards, thus opening a wide range of possibilities. Our onshore clients can benefit from considerable cost savings and a lower build time, whilst retaining the high-quality design and service provided on every build.

Supply, Rental or Refurbishment

Whatever your requirements, Oleochem are here to simplify the process. We pride ourselves in being able to provide laboratory modules, for a wide variety of requirements, both on and offshore worldwide.


Aside from our design and construction services, Oleochem provide a range of rental options from a basic workshop, to a complete laboratory module that is supplied with analytic equipment and fume hoods, to meet our clients most demanding requirements.


The harsh environment found in most offshore locations can take its toll on offshore structures, including laboratory buildings, coupled with technology advancing at an outstanding rate, it is not long before laboratory modules require refurbishment and an update to the equipment used within. Oleochem can offer a full refurbishment package, including structural components, furniture and laboratory equipment, with works being carried out in-situ, at the dockside or for more advanced refurbishment, the module can be returned onshore.