Goods supplied by Oleochem can be seen in some of the most valuable oil and gas regions throughout the world. We supply goods and services on a truly international basis operating from our bases in the United Kingdom and Australia.


To date, our reach has extended to the following regions:

  • Africa: Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Nigeria
  • Asia: Azerbaijan, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Americas: Brazil, Canada, Guyana and Mexico
  • Europe: Poland, Norway and United Kingdom
  • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

(Country List by United Nations (UN) M49 Standard)

United Kingdom

Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen – the largest heliport in the world. Oil capital of Europe. Head office for Oleochem.


From our base in Aberdeen, Oleochem oversee and manage all the work carried out by the company both at home and internationally. Our Aberdeen base is the workhorse of the company and performs all tendering, sourcing, procurement, rentals/repairs, fabrication and general company management. Our close proximity to Aberdeen Airport as well as both Aberdeen & Peterhead ports, allow Oleochem to provide a fast, efficient and local service to the industry operating in the North Sea.


Perth, WA

From our satellite office in Perth, Oleochem oversee and manage all the offshore chemists who work in and around Australia. The office here is dedicated to managing the local supply of chemist services only.