Production Chemists

Through successful application of chemistry, it is possible to not only prevent problems, such as corrosion, but also to enhance production performance and lower operating costs. Oleochem maintains an international pool of highly skilled, experienced production chemists, who can be deployed to manage and operate processing and refining laboratories, offshore or onshore worldwide.

Commissioning Chemists

Starting a newly built or refurbished laboratory can be a stressful time. Oleochem can supply experienced chemists to plan, install, set-up and calibrate a wide range of equipment, to the highest standards. Once completed, our personnel are happy to provide advice and aid with the creation of required testing/calibration routines and reporting formats.

Consulting Personnel

Through our consulting personnel, Oleochem enjoys passing on the valuable knowledge and experience gained through the years; covering all areas of production chemistry, design, construction and operation of laboratories. Oleochem are here to aid our clients, whilst trying to minimise the cost and risk associated with taking on a new project. We are here to help and answer any questions.