UK: Office

Our UK office, based in the centre of Aberdeen, is small but mighty. From here, Oleochem manages most of the company’s operations and all our laboratory fabrication projects.


The office has recently begun a process of moving into the 21st century through the upgrading of old hardware and systems, including moving to cloud hosted and VoIP platforms. Upgrades to date allow the workforce to carry out their duties around the world and ensure we can respond to clients without delay. Moving forward the office is streamlining its operations to increase efficiency and capacity.

Australia: Office

In a sunnier side of the world, our Australian office base is in Perth. Operated by Louise, the office manages the domestic Offshore Chemists, including managing rotations, coordinating travel, issue of PPE and ensuring that offshore personnel remain trained and are valid for work offshore.

Varied Roles

Being a small company, Oleochem operates differently from that of larger organisations. Our size means that our employees are expected to learn the various roles required for the business to function.


This approach is beneficial to Oleochem, our employees and our clients.


For Oleochem, the absence of a staff member has a lesser effect, as anyone else in the office can pick-up and complete required tasks.


For our employees, no two work days are the same. They are kept occupied and avoid repetitive duties day in/day out, leading to increased productivity and lower turnover of staff. Employees can be working on a project proposal, packing a sales order and entering purchase invoices all in the one afternoon.


For our clients, this avoids delays whilst waiting for another member of staff or department to respond and means that clients do not need to be passed between employees, depending on their request.

Training & Development

Training and development of Oleochem’s employees helps us to not only retain the right people, but to grow the company’s capabilities and increase our performance for our clients.


Oleochem offers its employees various role specific training courses and the opportunity for personal development. We welcome any requests for new courses from our employees, if they see something and think that it will aid them in their role.


Previous examples of training and development provided to employees include:

  • Assessor and Verifier Award
  • Counterbalance Forklift Truck
  • Finance – The Basics
  • Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Inward & Outward Processing Relief (UK Customs Entries)
  • Management & Leadership Training
  • Manual Handling
  • Sage 50 Computerised Accounting
  • Time Management
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods