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Thank you for your interest in Oleochem.


Media and advertising for Oleochem is handled through our Aberdeen office. We kindly ask that you contact us using the following methods; we will aim to respond to you within 48 hours.


  • E-Mail – please use the Contact Us form or send your request to
  • Telephone – a limited response may be available by calling our office on +44 1224 596000


Kindly note that Oleochem do not currently work through agencies for advertising or the posting of current vacancies.

Use of Site Content

The content on our website originates from various sources, each of which hold their own rights accordingly. The use of any images containing people, 3rd party premises or 3rd party property would also need to be agreed with the affected party.


On a limited number of applications, we may be able to agree to the use of content or media contained within our website, please see the media enquires section above for contact details.


Some of the content on this site may be from open media or published under public licences, such as creative commons. Oleochem do not have any rights over this content and it may be freely used – details of any such content is in the below Open Media section.

Our use of Open Media (Attribution)

The following open media has been utilised throughout this site; we greatly appreciate the hard work and generosity of the original authors.



Please see our open media list and attributions here.

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We routinely search the world wide web using industry tools to detect the use or embedding of unauthorised content and will always request its removal to the full extent of the law.


Oleochem is committed to managing copyright complaints responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws, including international treaties and the laws of the various countries, from which Oleochem provides its services.


We encourage you to consult a lawyer before submitting a notice of copyright infringement. Copyright laws vary wildly throughout the world and contain exemptions that may allow a person to use a work in certain ways, without the copyright owner’s permission.


If you believe your copyright is being infringed by content hosted on the Oleochem domain, please send a written notice to our Aberdeen office. Upon receipt, we will review the case and expeditiously remove content that is the subject of a correctly prepared notice and confirmed to be infringed.