Process & Analytical Equipment

The type of equipment needed will wholly depend on the location of the offshore laboratory, the type of sample and the type of analysis required. With the vast number of options and manufacturers, this can seem like a confusing and complicated selection process for purchasers.


Oleochem has vast experience in selecting and operating various laboratory equipment. We combine this with close relationships that we hold with world leading manufacturers to offer our clients the correct equipment for the job, first time, at very competitive prices.


Whatever your requirements, if it can be used in a production laboratory, we can help.

Chemicals & Consumables

Every laboratory, no matter what stage in its life will require a constant supply of chemicals & consumables, to keep the equipment running and to perform the various types of analysis required.


Oleochem can help you select the required chemicals or consumables for the types of analysis our clients require and assist in the procurement of individual orders, start-up packages, right through to continued monthly orders to maintain stock offshore.


Many of the chemicals used in offshore laboratories, now fall under the regulations for Transport of Dangerous Goods. If you require any further information on the purchase and transport of such chemicals or wish to check if the goods being supplied are covered, please contact us.

Furniture & Fixings

The furniture and fixings are key to the running and success of any laboratory. Getting it wrong could lead to creating a hazardous work place for your employees, or an expensive repair bill at best. Through relationships with high quality manufacturers, Oleochem can offer complete packages constructed from either timber or steel.


Oleochem have designed and built numerous laboratories and furniture packages, giving us a great insight into what works and more importantly, what does not work in certain situations. All our packages are tailored to each client and each platform, to ensure that every requirement can be catered for and that the materials supplied, will be fit for purpose and can be relied on, in the harsh environment that it may be subjected to.