Who We Are

Oleochem was formed in 2004, to join as an independent member of the well-established Oleochem group of companies, which began providing services to the oil & gas industry in 1992. Oleochem’s unique name comes from Oleum; the Latin word meaning oil and chemistry. The group of companies have now all become one entity, operating from its main base in Aberdeen, specialising in providing turn-key solutions world-wide. Oleochem is managed by hands-on, experienced production chemists who possess a real in-depth understanding of client’s requirements and the industry as a whole.


Providing a fully integrated range of services, covering a wide spectrum within the upstream production and downstream process industries, Oleochem’s unique approach provides our clients with a turn-key solution to their new build, conversion or upgrade projects. Through the years Oleochem have gained world leading knowledge and an excellent reputation in the supply of consultancy, production chemists, laboratory equipment and laboratory modules.


Oleochem’s in-depth laboratory experience, is of particular benefit to operators of new processing plants or offshore installations (such as an FPSO). The company can draw on its extensive track record in lab commissioning contracts, to design the facilities, supplying of equipment, providing the personnel for start-up and train local staff. An example of such a case, was seen when Oleochem’s assistance was requested in a new onshore processing terminal, to be based on the Vietnamese coast. Oleochem provided services including, new equipment recommendations, design and set-up of the laboratory, provision of experienced laboratory chemists and the training (followed by competency assessment) of local staff.